Thanks to my outrageous goal of reading 75 books this year, audiobooks have quickly become my favorite resource for all those in-between, formerly wasted moments of the day. After discovering a few great options for audiobooks (mostly free), now I can "read" while putting on makeup, fixing hair - mine or the girls' - driving, folding laundry, cooking, ironing, hanging up clothes, writing, doing desk work, etc. Wasting time has always been a great annoyance to me, so it feels nice to know that, literally, every last second of my day is productive. And it is especially nice to fill those spare moments with my favorite activity. 

 *Image courtesy of under CC0. 

*Image courtesy of under CC0. 

I am new to mass consumption of audiobooks for three reasons. 1) I have always found audiobook prices to be exorbitant. Why pay $30 for an audiobook when you can get the Kindle version for $10? and 2) My audio receptors don't work so well. Only one of these ears o' mine is functional...which means that all background noise is funneled into the good one. All audiobooks I have tried in the past had poor sound quality, far too difficult for me to hear. And nobody wants to be all stressed out when they're reading, man. And 3) My experience with audiobooks was limited to books literally on tape or CD. Which meant importing the CDs into my iTunes library and possibly creating a playlist and then syncing my phone to the computer and now we have lost hours of our life we shall never recover. Blurg. 

However, I've been pleasantly surprised at how far the book-on-tape world has come as of late, and wanted to share the love with you fun peoples. There are two distinct resources I'll go into here:

  1. Audible- Which I came to know through listening to one too many episodes of This American Life. (Which I came to know through listening to one too many episodes of Serial. He totally did it, by the way. Or, he did something.) I subscribed up with my little code, and got one free audiobook...which I promptly spent on Jodi Piccoult's Leaving Time. 15 hours of listening/newfound reading time later, I was hooked. I really like that Audible is an Amazon company, because Amazon is all the wonderful that there ever can be in this e-commercial world. I also really like the Audible app, its ease of use, the ability to quick-tap in digital bookmarks, and that it stays live even when my lockscreen engages. The thing about Audible is that it's a subscription-based company. There are levels of your choosing, from $15 a month for 1 free book per month plus discounts on other books all the way up to $150 a year for all 12 credits at once, plus the member discounts. And if you don't like those options, then just give Audible a try and redeem your one free audiobook, and cancel your membership. Easy peasy.  
  2. Overdrive-Our local public library has a nice budget devoted to a robust e-book and audiobook collection. I have read countless e-books through the library on my Kindle, and am now branching out to the audio category, previously avoided like the Bubonic plague. I have checked out as many as will allow and placed my limit on holds/requests as well. The app works nicely as well, though if comparing the two, I prefer Audible's interface. The first book of significant length I've taken on has skipped around several times unexpectedly, but that could be chalked up to a glitchy file. But also? Overdrive=FREE.

These two resources have totally proven that audiobooks are soooo 2015. What others are out there that I'm missing...or what is the best book you have ever listened to?