Happy 2015!

Image courtesy of Unsplash under CC0.

Image courtesy of Unsplash under CC0.

It's that time again...everybody is talking about their One Word for the year. 

My word for 2013 was GRACE, and for 2014 it was SATISFIED.

Learning to carve out those boundaries in life was hard and completely against my nature, but it was a valuable daily exercise in making wise decisions for my family. Sometimes that meant saying "no" to people and positions and opportunities and organizations to whom I really wanted to say "yes," but each time I felt immediate peace that the right answer was indeed a no.

And sometimes being satisfied came not from saying "no" but from hearing it. This time last year we had our house on the market and were convinced we wanted to move closer to the city. Spoiler alert: It didn't sell, and here we are. This time last year our beloved church, the one who carried us through some very exciting and difficult times, was celebrating first Sunday in a beautiful new facility...but it was some 35+ minutes from our house. We struggled with the distance, had already struggled with involvement, and before we knew it 2014 carried us to a wonderful new church family, one we love and treasure and has already welcomed us in and made room for us and loved us so wholly. But it's just so funny to think that a year ago? We didn't even know we were looking for it! 

For 2015, my word is HERE. It's a purposely ambiguous word, and for me it means everything from being present with my people to fully experiencing my city. HERE also means my home and personal self...spending more time consistently working toward organizational and improvement goals. In 2015 I am eager to enjoy the gifts and treasures right in front of me, in all the various elements of my "here."

One fun part of my HERE theme is to - sometime before year's end - hit up at least 10 of Birmingham's unique museums, venues, and attractions. Some may be repeat visits, but I have specific things in mind for those places. In no particular order:

1. Birmingham Public Library
2. Vulcan
3. Birmingham Civil Rights Museum
4. Southern Museum of Flight
5. Alys Stephens Center
6. Virginia Samford Theatre
7. Alabama Theatre
8. Lyric Theatre
9. Sloss Furnace
10. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Another thing I've learned this year is that the avoidance of writing regularly is a tell-tale symptom of over-busyness, and that because I was made to write it out, writing it out has to be a priority. So, HERE will also include my writing something - anything, even just a quote or thought - to think about. That should lead to more frequent posts here at ASR, and it should also result in thicker entries to my mommy/prayer journals for the girls.

My reading goal for the year is kind of ridiculous, but I'm setting it anyway. Connect with me on Goodreads and you'll see how much progress I make toward my goal of 75 books in 2015!

So there you go, that's my word. What's yours?