#applefamily...or not?

The Captain and I have been iPhone users since 2008. We've never been wait-in-line or bleeding edge adopters, but we have settled into a nicely alternating rotation of update years. This is my year. 

Only, and bear with me as I hash through it, I'm not entirely sure I want the iPhone 6. 

                                                               Source: http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/woah1.gif 

                                                              Source: http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/woah1.gif 

In one way, I look at it that we're an Apple family (as in Magnus the Macbook-by far, the hardest working member of Team Wilson, Apple TV, two old iPads that we use the mess out of, two old iPhones we switched to Airplane Mode and turned into iPod Touch devices for the kids, and our actual phones). We constantly share music, apps, books, games, magazines through iTunes. We are so sold out to Apple it's not even funny. 

 Image courtesy of Unsplash.com, under Creative Commons Zero licensing. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash.com, under Creative Commons Zero licensing. 

The rebellious side of me is uncomfortable being sold out to the Apple Man, though, you know? Like, Apple has us all right where they want us, and I'm acting like I don't even have options and it's scary how involved Apple is in my familial bidness. 

Also, I reeeeaaaaalllly don't like how high the radiation rates are for the new iPhones. The legal limit is 1.6somethings and the iPhone 6 exudes more than 1.4. That's pretty near the red zone. But "red zone" and even SAR itself can be relative, to be fair. 

Here's some links to start your own research on that:

I've also been so intrigued by the Samsung revolution. Some of my techie teacher and IT friends have already converted from Apple to Samsung, and they can be quite convincing in their pleas for me to consider a switchover. There's no denying that the Samsung Galaxies take GREAT photos, and multiple reputable sources state that they are among the lowest in the SAR (SAR-Specific Absorption Rate) radiation ratings. The only two factors holding me back from a total changeup is the investment we have in Apple and the currently seamless integration we have across all our devices, and oh yes, the fact that the Galaxies are positively gargantuan. I don't need or want a phone the size of my cutting board.  

By the way, since when did the mobile technology trend take on a "bigger is better" philosophy? Remember when the newest phones got tinier and tinier every year? Kind of like the tiny hat sketch on SNL. I miss those tiny phone days. For real. Let's bring it back, y'all. 

As it stands, I'm still leaning toward an Apple 6 but haven't entirely decided anything. Any new converts out there to Samsung from Apple? Tell me everything!