Favorite Things: Cho-co-lah-tay

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.
— Linda Grayson

IS there a finer food than chocolate? I think probably not. It's great in any form...candy bar, syrup, fondue, pudding, ice cream, gelato (NO, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Ahem.), candy, paste (Nutella), milk, coffee, on and on and deliciously on some more. Pearl Girl and I share an affinity for this delicacy, although we have agreed to disagree over the state of chocolateness that can or cannot be found in a Tootsie Roll. 

Even the science of making chocolate is highly interesting to me. One of the many fun little details I love about J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is that one needs chocolate to recover from an attack by the dementors

You know what I've noticed in recent years, though? There is good chocolate and then there is better chocolate. The good chocolate is pure and has a milky (or pleasantly bitter, if you're going dark) sweetness about it, but the better chocolate tastes good AND is smooth on the palate.

Take Toblerone, for example. It's a great mix of chocolate and almond and crunchiness, and of course it's Swiss, and those guys do know their chocolate. But also? It freaking HURTS to eat, man. The triangular design is fetch and all, but oh.my.stars you're lucky if you can finish a mini and evade injury. Good chocolate, bad design. The same with a generic Hershey bar. Tastes okay, but it's all squarish and pokey. 

Ghirardelli is one of my favorite chocolatiers and does tend to factor in design, but those folks are proud of their chocolate. I mean, real proud. $ $ $ kind of proud. 

But this stuff? This good old fashioned, cho-co-lah-tey bar is spec to the tac to the ular. It's good quality, fairly priced, and is gentle on the roof of your mouth.

So good, in fact, that you absolutely must try it. I'm going to run a quick giveaway for a few of these beautifully "silky smooth" Dove chocolate bars.

Drop me a comment and tell me your favorite chocolate (or alternative) and I'll pick a few winners Sunday night at 9!