Let's talk shirts

I suppose I may have mentioned the Unfailing Love Retreat to you friends a time or two in these parts, and it's pretty amazing that this really special weekend is just around the corner. The theme for this year is RESTORE, and that is something that every mama I know needs a hefty dose of...much less adoptive and foster mamas in the thick of life with kids who have some serious emotional baggage. If you or someone you know needs a brief but purposeful getaway, with the chance to learn about everything from how our own life experiences affect our attachment and parenting, honoring your child's heritage, ethnic haircare (basic care AND styling...praise), navigating the school system with a child whose first language is other than English, older child adoption, foster care boot camp, stories from real moms of foster care, and much more...well, then, they need to be with us and about 100 other mamas on September 5th and 6th at Ross Bridge! Send them here to register. If they can't, then shoot...consider registering and paying FOR them. It's a beautiful way to serve some really special and likely very tired mamas in your midst. 

I've also mentioned my love for a good t-shirt on here before. You know, soft, nicely colored, and absolutely of the non-neck-touching variety

So how could we possibly combine AN AWESOME EVENT and and AWESOME SHIRT? 

I present to you...the UL Retreat t-shirts! 

The nest shirt was immensely popular last year, and we have loved seeing our Unfailing Love moms and supporters wearing them all over the world. This year's color is purple, in celebration of Pantone's color of the year: Orchid. 

No, of course not...total poppycock. We don't even know about that stuff. 

This lovely frock is available for the low low price of $15, my friends. Just think, for $15 you, too, can wear one of the most comfortable t-shirts ever created. It will be like heaven for your shoulders. Fact. 

And this beautiful number was designed to accompany our 2014 theme: RESTORE. Also made of the fabulously soft Anvil 980 blend, it is also of the longer-sleeved variety for all our cold-natured mamas. You know who you are, ladies. These sleeves are for you. 

To order either of the shirts, click over to the UL Shirt Store and pick out your shirts ASAP. We have a deadline coming up, and there are only a few more days left to order. Retreat mamas, you can get yours shipped to your home ahead of time OR you can pick them up at the retreat. For all other orderers, yours will be shipped directly to your doorstep. 

We hope you'll consider ordering a shirt or two, and please share the link. All proceeds go directly to serve foster and adoptive families!