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Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 18

What is your favorite professional development resource? Webinars? In person? Social media?

I think there is a time and place for all of these resources. My personal favorite is social media...specifically, blogs and the Twitterverse. I follow scores of school librarians and ed-tech people for that very reason. My whole Twitter world and the bulk of my Feedly reserves are dedicated to learning about trends and issues in the library and educational technology world. My favorite aspect of social media is that you get exactly as much as you want and can currently handle. On overwhelming days, I just "mark all as read." No guilt, no condemnation, just click it and walk away. 

I value Twitter as the most efficient place to get tech support, but thanks to changes in our district's filtering I can no longer access it (and no cell signal in my area) during the school day. That has been quite a blow. If anyone has suggestions for third-party apps that may get me around this, I welcome them! (Though many are also blocked.)

Webinars are my favorite for district level meetings, but I prefer the flipped method of receiving information ahead of time via PPT, links to blogs, or videos, and having the ability to think about it and make a list of questions to ask in corporate/virtual assembly. 

Face to face meetings are becoming a thing of the past, but I value this with our district and state groups of librarians, especially.