Giveaway time from Nurturing YOU Naturally

I'm home with a sickly Sassafras today, so I thought it would be a great time for...a giveaway! 

Cue applause. 

You know, I wonder sometimes why the good Lord saw fit to spread out many of my closest buds to what feels like the far corners of the world. I suppose society couldn't handle so much crazy all in one city. 

Let me tell you about my crunchy friend Staci, who lives in Nashville. A fan of all things natural, she's also a doula and (very recently) a homeschooling mama who also works from home. She is also by far one of the most precious and encouraging people I've ever known. You can read all about her life and new adventures as a homeschooling mom here. Read through just one post and you'll love her!   

Staci's love for and knowledge of all the nature things led her to begin creating products out of these essential oils that all of Facebook is raving about (I have a post brewing about that, coming soon), plus some other goodness that can help the body while avoiding harsh chemicals that seem to be everywhere. I have used and love many of the items from her nYn store, and because she is just as precious as I told you she was, Staci is giving away one of her nYn Combo Kits to one lucky reader here at A Southern Ruckus! 


I cannot even tell you how much you'll love this prize pack. It includes healing salve (made of coconut oil and plantain and other soothing goodness with beeswax to hold it all together), lip balm, a blend of essential oils good for calming in a roll-on bottle, and some bandaids all packed up together in a clear pouch, perfectly convenient for chunking in the diaper bag, gym bag, or purse. I use and love all of those items on nearly a daily basis. The salve, especially, has been a lifesaver here with these wild children of mine and all their boo-boos. And, okay, me too on the days I try to wield the curling stick and somehow emerge with hair I want but also third degree burns on my knuckles. The Captain really likes the lip balm, too, as he is (like Staci) a huge fan of the coconut oil. 

Go check out her Nurturing You Naturally site, like her Facebook page, and leave a comment here for some easy entries in this giveaway. You could really spend days on her site just reading through the list of natural remedies she has curated! 

Enter until Sunday night, and I'll post the winner Monday morning...because who doesn't need some kind of fun on a Monday morning?!