Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn)

Gone Girl
By Gillian Flynn

When Amy disappears on their five-year wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne quickly becomes the nation's center of attention as the search for his missing wife takes off. In Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, the journey to finding her is alternately narrated by diary entries written by Amy and Nick as they tell of their life together...every dreamy and scathing detail of it. Both speak transparently about their thick criticisms of one another, which escalates into an eye-popping plot of epic proportions. This story, all wrapped up around Nick and Amy, weaves itself into a psychotic tale that treads the thin line between love and hate and (for Nick and Amy) makes it clear that without one, there is no other.

Written in "he said, she said" format, the only thing that is absolutely undoubtable about these two is that they are royally warped. Gone Girl's ever-twisting plot is filled with surprises that leave the reader in a perpetual state of shock. Flynn's work here is beyond admirable, as she possesses the rare ability to prompt ongoing shifts in reader concept throughout the book.

I suspect some readers here would want a heads up that the language (selected intentionally) gets quite harsh at times. Though I think there are intensely interesting and thought-provoking elements about human nature woven into this work, I think the greatest takeaway presented in Gone Girl is that we are all significantly flawed individuals.

How that affects those around us? Nick and Amy are a prime example.

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