NYE 2015: Let's do this!

Last year we took our typical New Year's Eve stay-home party to another level, and had just the sweetest and bestest of times together. It was such a lovely night to take a purposeful pause after months of running like crazy and just be together...to talk about our progress last year as individuals and as a family, and how we want to move forward in the next year.

Here's our plan for the Team Wilson's 2015 NYE Party:

  1. 3:00pm-Make coloriffic cake
  2. 4:00pm-Walk/ride around the neighborhood
  3. 5:00pm-Look back to 2014 (Look back over our 2014 on social media pics. Read over last year's interviews and talk about how things did or didn't go as we had hoped. Work on this year's interviews, graciously provided for subscribers on the 30 Handmade Days blog. Check out her 2015 adult and kid versions.
  4. 6:00pm-Dinner: steak, baked potato, salad, fizzy cider, that cake from 3:00 :)
  5. 7:00pm-Fireworks (at 7:00 because we love our neighbors)
  6. 8:00-Burn the tree!
  7. 9:00-Glow stick bath
  8. 10:00-Movie time (AKA, dear Lord in Heaven, please let Sweet Love go to sleep now)
  9. 11:00-Watch whatever is left of NY Rockin Eve
  10. 12:00-Happy new year! Poppers, fizzy cider, kisses all around!

I made a few changes from last year's plan, just to shake it up a bit. Also, each step will be a surprise for the girls, enclosed in ordinary paper grocery sacks. They will get to rip those open each hour.


Happy New Year from ASR! However you choose to celebrate...be safe, friends!