Things You Would Love About Garden & Gun


Starting out of the 2015 gate here with one of my favorite things...actually, one of the best things that has ever happened to both my reader/writer/Southern soul AND my iPad...Garden & Gun Magazine.

The writing itself has such great voice that it SHOULD be categorized as a literary mag, though I suppose with its emphasis on Southern culture, artisans, food, and talent, it's truly a genre all its own. And much like the South, this magazine experience can't be rushed. I only tap it open when I know I have some time to enjoy each piece.   

Many times a longstanding niche family business is highlighted, like syrup farmers in Virginia or cheese crafters in Tennessee. 



I'm sure that the print version is just lovely, but the iPad version to me broke the mold when it comes to digital periodicals. They include an article about an up-and-coming Southern musician or band, and include songs for you to listen to within the article.  

There is a tiny learning curve, as all of our literate brains are trained to turn/swipe through the pages of written word from right to left but this tool actually has you swipe right to switch articles and swipe up to read through. 



I love that every issue (though they don't actually include much about gardens OR guns...) highlights something or someone doing something new and fresh in the Southland. Added bonus? A lot of that takes place within my city. It was so very fun to read this article about Post Office Pies in the new G&G issue a few weeks ago...and then immediately go check the place out. It was amazing, by the way. Better than expected, although Saturdays at 1:00 may not exactly be "the best" time to go. 


So if you're looking to add another slice of awesomeness to your tablet, 'scribe up to Garden & Gun. You won't regret it!