Giveaway: Usborne Books

We don't always do our homework sheets and we definitely struggle with staying atop the Situation O' Laundry around here, but the one thing we always take time for is reading with the girls. Because you know all those hokey "10 Great Reasons to Read with Your Child" pamphlets your school sends home? You guys, every last word of those lists is true. There is so much happening when you read to your child, both seen and unseen. We get to model fluency (and by that I mean REAL, expressive, punctuation-respecting fluency...not speed reading), we get to talk about characterization, we predict and confirm or discuss our predictions, we get to snuggle with our girls and laugh together, and we engage in deep conversations about things such as leadership and life and nobility of character. 

Apart from the fab-tastic local public library and of course our amazing 2nd & Charles bookstore, my favorite place to get materials for my girls is Usborne. A few years back an Usborne rep was precious to offer a fundraiser for us as we were adopting Pearl Girl, and we have continued to order and purchase from this company every chance we get. One of our favorites is the Anna Hibiscus series, which involves an African daughter and a white (Canadian, I think) mother. Having those books on our shelves is such a sweet privilege, as there aren't exactly tons of books available featuring transracial families! 

Our current faves are these GORGEOUS illustrated classics books. I love reading the classics with my girls, and I feel strongly that they should only take in the UNABRIDGED versions, but the old crumbly copies we typically have just lose my kids' attention so easily. These vibrantly illustrated, suitable-for-heirloom-versions (even when pictures are only every 7 or 10 pages) truly draw my girls in to these timeless classics. So far we have The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island, and Heidi. I've also launched a personal campaign to get Usborne to print the Chronicles of Narnia as well. Feel free to join me!  

Now, of course I want to tell you all about Usborne Books because I love them so and they are one of Mama's Favorite Things. But also? I want you to get some for free! This week's giveaway, graciously provided by Usborne Representative Kristin Hankins, is for $25 in free books of your choice, and there are so many your kids would enjoy!  Um, can you say CHRISTMAS PRESENTS?! 

You know the Rafflecopter drill by now, I'm sure. Just log in and complete all the entries for your chance to win the $25 in free books! The giveaway ends Sunday night at midnight, and I will announce the winner Monday morning...because who doesn't need a reason to look forward to Mondays?