Advent for Orphans

Now, don't go getting all antsy on me with this post. It isn't about skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving, no siree. 'Merica, y'all.

What this post is about is considering a plan for this year's Advent celebration. And since you may need some time to do your own research and order a guide or support tool, it's just not ever too soon to start thinking about that. 

Is Advent new to you? It's a relatively new Christmas tradition for our family, though it is well established in some Christian denominations. 

It's still true that trying to do anything remotely serious with our kids is pretty ridiculous, but we have found that observing Advent with them...especially the candles...helps bring home the anticipation of a holy Christ's arrival into our broken and messed up world. 

I got this Advent to Lent Ascension Wreath from Ann Voskamp's website. 

I got this Advent to Lent Ascension Wreath from Ann Voskamp's website

Here's an old post with some suggestions for your Advent 2014, and one new resource I wanted to share is this Advent for Orphans calendar made available by Lifesong for Orphans. Each day features a specific prayer for orphans worldwide, and you can go here to read about how this tool has already been helpful to families. It's also a great way to give purposefully to a great organization, though obviously you can opt out of that if you prefer.