Blogging Challenge for School Librarians

I recently heard about this blogging challenge for school librarians and loved the concept! This month will be a great time to jump start my library lady feed! I'm scheduling my 20 points for weekdays only, today through January 31st. 

Blogging Challenge Day 1:

Share a tech tip for your fellow teachers or librarians – how do you use this tech tip? How does it simplify your life?

It really shouldn’t be so hard to respond to such an easy prompt, but for some reason I have found myself typing several sentences, deleting, and typing more…all in completely different directions. Perhaps this says too much about the role of technology in my life, methinks.

“Tech tip” is much too vague for me, so I’ll try at least to chop it down to just three.

1.       Best app: Evernote. For teachers and librarians who are meet-a-holics (okay, most of them aren’t our idea), the tracking of notes and information is an essential piece of daily life. Evernote is free, syncs across multiple devices, and will let you tag your notes and search the content. I cannot tell you how many times this has saved my neck when I couldn’t remember when grades were due or when the whatever event is scheduled.

2.       Best tech organizer: Vera Bradley tech case organizer. I love that FINALLY there is a great tech case that isn’t so mannish. Girls like technology gadgets, too! It’s a great size and allows me to easily carry my stylus pen, screen cleaner, camera, and all my chargers…pretty much everywhere I go!

3.       Best simplification tool: This is so 2008, but I LOVE what my RSS feeder does for my blog-reading habit. I love learning from others from all walks of life, and Feedly (I’m still hacked at Google for taking away Google Reader) is my current best pick for sorting blogs into categories. It has lots of great sharing options as well if you’re into the social media game.