Tech Tip #2

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 6

 Share a tech tip for your fellow librarians or teachers. How do you use this resource? How does it simplify your life?

I shared a bit about my love for the Google Drive here, and today's tech tip will be expounding on that a bit. 

As my school's technology representative, I use Google Forms as a way to manage and monitor teacher requests for tech support. This is helpful to the teachers because by giving them a link to go to, they can access tech support from any location at any given point in time. It's beneficial for my school because it gives me solid data to track trends in tech issues and be able to share at the district level what our people struggle with the most. It's great for me because I have trained my student helpers (AKA "my minions") to check the spreadsheet every single day during every single period. This ensures that teachers get the help they need ASAP.