Technology in the Library

Blogging Challenge, Day 4 

Technology in the library: how has it changed or affected your library? Your duties?

Although the cornerstone of the library is information, in many ways the bricks and mortar of the library program is technology. How do we promote materials? How do we actually get materials out? How do we keep track of who has what? What is the tool we use to demonstrate cutting edge sources of information? 

It's all technology. 

This is such a great strength of the 21st Century Library and most definitely has some interesting side-effects. 

Almost every "great" lesson these days is infused with technology. Start to finish, tech is the primary material. For most of us, what do we do when (not if but WHEN) the network goes down? When the power goes out? 

Sure, good teachers know how to manage and roll with it and just keep on teaching. But the fact is, we're so dependent on technology as a means to an end that at the very least, we're a tad bit rattled when it flakes out. 

I've been a school librarian for over 10 years, and technology was a big part of this world before I got here. It has been hard to think about how it has changed my duties, and I really just...can't.  Perhaps that means it's all more a part of the library air than I can see!