Favorite website

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 3: Favorite website 

What is a website you cannot live without? Tell about your favorite features and how you use it.

 This would probably fall under "tech tip," but Google Drive is one website I absolutely cannot live without as a school librarian. From using the forms feature to let teachers submit requests for tech support to storing all of my digital literacy presentations in a collective web space, Google Drive is by far the most commonly used website in my digital tool belt. 


The forms feature allows you to create surveys, polls, registration documents, or use for anything for which you need to gather data. I have used it for event registration forms and my ongoing tech support document. The way this works is, you create a form inputting your questions or required items. Then you send out the link for the form (I use a URL shortener such as tinyurl.com) and as participants being to respond, all of their responses are populated into a spreadsheet also stored on your Google drive. Because it goes into a spreadsheet, you can then do all kinds of wonderful trickery with your data...sort it every whichaway until you get the bits you need. 

The docs feature allows you to create word processing documents in a web space. This gives two distinct advantages: one is that you can access that document from anywhere. The other is that multiple users can use and edit the document simultaneously. This is excellent for collaborative projects. Also, the files can be marked public or private depending on your needs. 

The presentation feature is the last of Drive's features I use regularly. As with docs, this is basically a web-based presentation tool that is simpler but very similar to PowerPoint. You can then access the presentation from anywhere and you can share it with anyone who needs to see it. There's a lot of scorn out there these days for the old PPT, but like it or not this is easy for teachers to use and access from multiple locations, and it is good for kids who don't have Office at home. Or a computer, for that matter. 

And that is why Google Drive is my favorite website. It isn't flashy, but it is extremely useful on an everyday basis.