Digital Books

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 2 

Your library and eBooks/audiobooks: Have you jumped on board? How have you promoted and marketed your online selection to your students and staff? 

My best-used digital book resources at this point in the middle school game are 5-7 sets of popular fiction series in CD/audiobook form. Though we have do access to Overdrive, it is a rather difficult tool to use and the kids have not responded well to that resource thus yet. I am planning to launch a fresh campaign with instructions on accessing Overdrive through their personal devices (that many of them received recently for Christmas), and hopefully will see some success in that regard! 

When I served in elementary school (until last year), eBooks that could be read from the OPAC (we had the Capstone Interactive Library) were my most popular by far. Kids and teachers LOVED being able to read and view those as a whole group or just as a literacy center on the Promethean board or desktop computer. Students loved being able to access those from home as well!