Blogging Challenge, Day 11: Tech Tip #3

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 11 

Share a tech tip for your fellow librarians or teachers. How do you use this resource? How does it simplify your life?

Other than Google Drive, the single tech tool I use most often is Jing. A screencasting tool put out by TechSmith, Jing brings serious "make your life easier" points to the table.

jing 2.png

A desktop-based software with web integration, Jing allows the user (Mac or Windows) to take snapshots of your screen in photo (.png) or video (.swf) format. I have used Jing for everything from sending a tech support person the exact text of an error to creating tutorials for students and teachers. I use it so often that it is THE first add-on software I download to a machine I'm using for any length of time.

Get on the Jing train today! Go here to install it.  

*There are tons of other options. (Microsoft Clipping Tool if you're on Win7, SnagIt, etc.). Jing is just my personal fave.