Wishing upon a list

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 15 

What would be one (or two) items on your library wish list? Why? How might you get this item?

Heeding sage advice from a certain beloved professor in library school, the first trick I learned to implement in this business was to earn (and keep) the reputation as the person in the building who can spend money the fastest. There are times when an administrator may be given unexpected funds from legislators, district, state, and even occasionally federal money (as was the case a few years ago when Title I schools received a boatload of extra funds according to an initiative by President Obama), but most of the time those monies have to be spent quickly. When you are known as the person is can spend money fast, sometimes that means you get to help spend that money. 

So, to be that person, I always keep ongoing wish lists in every category. I have wish lists of books, sometimes one typed out and sometimes just dog-eared pages in a publisher's catalog. I have wish lists of office supplies. I have wish lists of technology items. Some years are more fruitful than others, but I figure it can never hurt to be known as the go-to person for spending money strategically. 

amazon wish list.png

Here is my Amazon wish list for the library, created to hopefully attract the attention of parents and community members who like to shop on Amazon and want suggestions for meeting specific needs in the library. Amazon is not an approved vendor, so I can't shop there, but do like to keep it as an option for those who can and do. I keep it linked on my library's webpage and encourage teachers in the building to do the same for their own departments or classrooms. 

And one item that I want for our school library but can't even add to a list yet? A 3-D printer!