Social Media for "In the Library"

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 13

Share all of your professional social media contact info and links. How do you engage in social media for professional learning?

Twitter: I rely on Twitter a lot in making connections with other school librarians and edtech thinkers as well as for networking with colleagues through scheduled Twitter chats or event backchanneling. 

Pinterest: I use Pinterest as a method of curating ideas for applications, lessons, instructional resources, and display ideas. 

Tumblr: I have all my wheels and channels posting to Tumblr, but never really as a primary network. I'm intrigued by the community of "Tumblarians" out there and would likely fall into the "Tumblarianwannabe" category. I check that feed occasionally, but don't rely upon it as a primary method of gleaning the best information out there. 

Feedly is my RSS/blog reading tool of choice. I remain embittered that Google killed Reader. It was by far the most simplistic and useful out there. 

Diigo: This is my social bookmarking tool, and what I'd really love is for Diigo and Feedly to get married so that every time I click "Save for Later" in Feedly, it is auto-bookmarked into my Diigo collection. That would make my life SO MUCH EASIER. What I like about Diigo is that when I go here to find a resource, I know that it has already been evaluated and found useful by someone else pretty close to my position. 

Goodreads: I track most of my books read on this readers' networking tool and also connect with other readers to book suggestions and reviews. The ISBN scanning feature is a huge timesaver when I actually have three seconds to browse in a library or bookstore...all I have to do is scan the barcode and add it to my "to-read" list. Very helpful for keeping track of everything you want to read. I also love the special interest groups for school librarians...much of the cutting edge info on authors and new books can be found first on Goodreads!