iPad apps: just for kicks

Because i-devices are a huge part of my life, I'm constantly on the prowl for new apps. My favorite iPad app is called App Shopper (free) and it serves as my eyes on the techno-ground, alerting me to sales or price changes in paid-version apps I am considering. It also provides a different subset of consumer reviews apart from the Apple App Store, many of which I have found to be significantly more authentic. 

A few apps I keep handy for the girl-children in my life:

Toca anything  (Fairy Tales, Tailor, Monsters, Hair, Hair XMas, Kitchen, etc.): These are games that let the kids play with different tools and use them to manipulate the appearance of a certain character. It's basically like paper dolls on steroids. 

iPad apps for kids

Vine Kids Vine is an app I've posted about over on the "In the Library" page. It's one of those media-generating apps that teenagers love, which can mean content ranging from purely silly to utterly inappropriate...with a thin margin of usefulness in between. But this new version, created specifically for kiddos, is pretty great from what I have seen so far. Open the app and kids can swipe through short, funny Vine videos...almost all of which involve funny pet moments. There is no way for kids to post videos themselves, and the Vines that are posted to the kids' feed are specifically selected for this standalone app. There are still unanswered questions for me, so while I think it's a great modification for children, my kids will still be only be enjoying the app when they are in close proximity to one of us. 

Bible for Kids The Bible app by YouVersion also has an app for kids that allows them to listen to interactive Bible stories and then test their understanding with a few questions at the end. 

Spelling City is an app you can use to help kids practice with vocabulary or spelling. Enter your word list (not shareable at this point, so you have to enter the list on each device), and kids can play anything from hangman games or crossword puzzles to drill-and-practice. (You can also use the Spelling City website for this.) Great way to get kids in the habit of using devices for homework!