For the patrons

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 12 

What is one thing you have changed in your library to meet patrons' needs? What spurred this change? What would you do differently?

 Image courtesy of  Unsplash , under  CC0

Image courtesy of Unsplash, under CC0

I have mentioned my genrefying project here already, but am still in the thick of getting that organized and executed well. 

One really simple answer to this question is a strategy I discovered while serving elementary school children. The daily frequent fliers (I miss that so in middle school!) tended to want really specific types of books...such as books about cheetahs, snakes, bats, dinosaurs, trucks, etc. With no paraprofessional and all kinds of circulation/shelving/management/tech support responsibilities on my shoulders, I learned to place visuals near those books that would help match readers with their desired books. A quick stroll down Target's dollar bins was always fruitful in providing the stuffed animals, rubber frogs and snakes (bleck), plastic trucks, and toy dinos that I could place on the shelves beside those books. 

Completely simple strategy, but one that made a real impact in helping the patrons find what they needed independently and efficiently. 

Then again, there were those who just wanted to play with the toys. :)