Professional Readings

Blogging Challenge for School Librarians, Day 8

Tell about a professional read (book, article, blog post, etc.) that has had an impact on you. Why/how?

This post by Doug Johnson is one of the most thought-provoking I have read recently. In it, he points out that it is all too easy for teachers and librarians to become distracted by the volume of newfangled web tools out there. Every day we are inundated with new tools to use, some of which can truly enhance learning.

But some? They are just noise. 

He also asserts that there is a time and place for "out-of-the-box" thinking. Sometimes "in-the-box" thinking can be a real strength...yet we can fail to celebrate that. 

Doug Johnson is one of the more contrary-types of edubloggers out there, and though I don't necessarily ascribe to all his philosophies I do most certainly appreciate that he is a great thinker who inspires others to do the same.