A Mighty Fine Pen

When I finished the first round of grad school, The Captain gifted me with a beautiful and perfect pen. Words and the writing of them, even if just for a grocery list, has always been so enjoyable for me, and he was so thoughtful in giving me a really nice tool to use for a lifetime's worth of words. Perfectly juicy (rollerball is what I think normal people call it), that thing was a masterpiece of a blue pen. 

 The juicy pen at work.  

The juicy pen at work.  

In my district we have employee ID badges used to punch in every day and school-specific badges with lunch codes and I have keys upon keys to keep up with, so wearing a lanyard has been part of my school uniform for ages. My perfect blue pen clipped nicely to it, and so that was where it has lived for many years. In the past 2 years, I've added a little stylus to my lanyard to make it easier to work on my iPad as well. 

Recently I had to come running home and confess to The Captain that, unfortunately, the perfect blue pen had met an untimely demise. It seemed to have just jumped right off my lanyard in the parking lot one morn, and then picked a fight with a school bus. It was a terrible moment when I discovered its sorrowful crushed casing. 

 A sad, sad day. 

A sad, sad day. 

Despite scrutiny, there is not even one half of a microchance that the perfect blue pen could ever be restored. It's done for. Period. 

I still can't bring myself to throw it away, though. This perfect blue pen and I were a team for nearly a decade. You can't just abandon a perfect blue pen when it's down, can you? It remains in my Drawer of Things to this day. 

The Captain, in all his wisdom, started me anew by placing this puppy in my Christmas stocking (Our deal is that I'm responsible for four stockings and he's responsible for one and he does a totally fantastic job every.single.year.) Oh, she is a beaut, y'all. It is kind of exactly everything the blue pen was not (weight, texture, juiciness), but still perfect in her own right. The best part? A fancy stylus on the cap-end. The even better part? My initials! The Captain knows that I do love my letters. 

perfect green pen.jpg

And thus begins a new chapter in pen-hood. Opening that package was so hallowed a moment, I nearly considered dedicating the thing. 

And, come to think of it, that isn't a terrible idea. 

To ten more years with this perfect green pen! May she never meet a school bus.