Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted on Mommy Diaries in June of 2008.  

Lunch Ladies

Today at a workshop I met a new friend, and over lunch the topic drifted (as it inevitably does) to our kids. She has two older daughters (college & high school), and she spoke of them with exactly the same pride and passion and tenderness that I feel come over me when the topic is Sassafras. We talked about that a little, and she spoke of how even now when she is going to pick up her 17 year old, she gets excited and anxious about seeing her...the same way she used to years ago when she was picking her up from preschool.  We spoke about the peace that only comes when they are in our presence.

It was so touching, to have this thing in common with a mom who has 20+ years of motherhood under her belt. Isn't it amazing the way the 4 little words "I am a mom" instantaneously and profoundly connects you with another human being? At this lunch, I had known her only 3 hours, yet I knew exactly what she meant and vice versa.

This one, brief conversation about our kids today was remarkable in that it inspired me to continuously and constantly be thankful for my little girl. I certainly hope and pray that when Sass is in her twenties, I will still be as enamored by her and honored to be her mother as I am right now.