Legend (Marie Lu)


Legend has it that a mysterious vigilante named Day regularly torments the great and powerful Republic States with childish terrorism. Legend also has it that those who unfortunately contract the deadly plague must be quarantined and likely put to death. 

June is one of the Republic's brightest young minds, having scored the only perfect rating in the coming-of-age Trials given to every young person. When tragedy hits much too closely, June is recruited and consequently sets out on a single-minded mission to track and capture the Republic's Enemy Number One: Day.  The paths of these two characters weave into an intriguing pattern...in which no one is sure who can or cannot be trusted.  

Legend  fits into the same category of literature as Hunger Games and Divergent, and for that matter the genre goes way back to 1984and The Giver. I've been so terribly weary of this dystopian young adult genre, but grabbed Legend from my school's book fair a few weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised when Lu hooked me in from page 1! 

The bit that sets Legend apart is the author's brilliance in crafting a plot that includes so many characteristics and policies that are right on par with those in modern America. The role of vaccines in society, biological warfare, gun control, digital safety and security, and the sorting of human beings by class/intelligence/socioeconomic level/education are all important pieces of Legend's society that provide ample fodder for discussion (and exploration of the many facets of each of these issues) in the classroom. 

By far, it's one of the best in the genre. 

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