Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted on Mommy Diaries in September of 2010

Mommy, please tell me a story

"Mommy, paweeez way down wid me. Pweeeeze!" 

"Okay," I relent, knowing full well that if I just leave, she will go to sleep on her own. I climb into bed with Sassafras. After all, our bedtime snuggling is growing more special every night. She is just days away from becoming a big sister. She's about to have to learn to share all her possessions and all her favorite people with a very special new little person in the family.  

We adjust and readjust. We find her Teddy and get our blankets fixed just right. We move our pillows around until they are settled. Silence settles into her dark room.

"Mommy, pweeze I want you tell me a story 'bout my Pearl." 

And for the four thousandth time, I do. It's different every time, but usually goes something like this...

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl named Sassafras. (Who giggles on cue, by the way). sass was a happy little girl with lots of toys and lots of friends, but more than anything in the world, Sassafras wanted a baby sister (it is here that she chimes in and screams SISTER!). God decided to give Sassafras a baby sister, only she was far, far away on the other side of the world. So, Sass and her mommy and daddy had to wait a loooooong time before God said it was time to go and get her. But one day, He did! 

And Sass and her mommy and daddy got on a big airplane (here she says in her deepest voice "BIG AIRPANE") and they flew and flew and flew and flew and flew and flew. Then, they got on another airplane and they flew and flew and flew and flew and flew and flew. Then, they made it to the other side of the world! And then they go to meet Sassypant's baby sister! (My PEARL!) And they got to squeeze her (squeezing Sass) and kiss her face (kissie, kissie, kissie-more giggles) and hold her (more squeezing) and LOVE her (deep sighs).

And they were so thankful that God gave them this little baby to love. After they stayed on the other side of the world for a while, they got to come home with their new little sister. They got back on the big airplane (BIG AIRPANE) and they flew and flew and flew and flew and flew. Then they got on another big airplane and they flew and flew and flew and flew and flew. And then they got to bring their baby sister back home, and Sass got to show her all their toys, rooms, clothes, and playroom. 

And Big Sister Sassafras and her Little Sister Pearl both lived happily. Ever. After. 

The end."

No matter how many times I tell it, Sassafras never grows tired of hearing this story. And one day very soon, we will have new stories to tell Pearl about how God brought her into our family. And we'll never grow tired of that, either!