A Story of Hope

It has been an incredible honor to be able to write a few entries for A Child's Voice, an organization seeking to provide relief for vulnerable children and their families in Uganda. Studying notes, journal-type entries, social worker reports, and watching video about and with Donata Nabukera shook me upside down by my toenails.  

As I studied all the paperwork and resources, one teensy tiny detail reached up out over the internet and grabbed me by the throat: Donata and I are exactly the same age. 

When I was 12 years old, I was pining away for some dumb boombox and watching Wayne's World with my friends. When I was 12, scoring the newest Boyz II Men CD was absolutely my top priority. When I was 12, middle school was the scariest experience of my life.   

When Donata was 12, she was sold as a child bride, becoming one of multiple wives and soon after found herself crossing the threshold into motherhood. Her life's story has been an amazing testament to God's faithfulness despite all odds otherwise. Even though horrifying circumstances dealt her blow after blow, today Donata and her children are thriving in a self-sustained home and business storefront. 

God used A Child's Voice to work that out.  

If you haven't yet, please do take a moment to read about an amazing Uganda mama and the organization who has played a huge role in bringing her out of a dark pit of poverty. If you pray, please offer up a few on her behalf. If you don't, please just read her story and learn how there are all too many Ugandans caught up in the same trap that had ensnared Donata and her children. 

A Story of Hope
Part 1: Hope for Yesterday
Part 2: Hope for Today
Part 3: Hope for Tomorrow