A Story of Hope: Part 2

Through Donata’s story, we see the plight of all too many Ugandan widows, mothers, and orphans. Despite her best efforts to earn enough to feed a family of nine, all but one of Donata’s children have been left out in the village to work as child laborers.

Though terrifying for any child separated from his or her mama, living with this lack of parental protection would nearly kill her 11-year-old son. Beaten into a coma by his employer for using the wrong bucket to fetch water, her son lay helpless as his mother was summoned from the city to come to his rescue.

Traveling from Kampala as quickly as she could, Donata focused intently on caring for her broken child in the village hospital. A nurse advised her to contact the police in order to pursue justice for her son. Like many illiterate and impoverished widows and mothers in Uganda, her concentration centered on survival for today without any ability to study or know her legal rights. Sadly, exercising those rights would also prove to be scary and dangerous...

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