Way Back Wednesday

What's Way Back Wednesday? 

Originally posted March 2008

The Battle of the Nap

I am fairly certain that, when looking back over my experiences as a mom, I will forever recall this day as a major milestone. My precious little Sassafras put herself to sleep in her own bed and stayed there

It was not pretty and there were times when I nearly surrendered, but I definitely won this battle. Matt and I have attempted the "cry it out" technique at various times, but have never been successful. The problem is, Sass has an arsenal of weapons against us:

  • we, as her mommy and daddy, naturally always want her to be happy. She's so cute when she's happy. 
  • it seems like there is always another issue going on, (such as teething or a possible cold), that makes us soft
  • when she really cranks it up we constantly question whether or not she really hurts/is sick/is hungry/needs a diaper change
  • she has a screeching wail that is literally loud enough to set off our alarm system, and has done so TWICE

And let me tell you, she has used these very successfully.

I believe she could teach a class for other babies called "Manipulating Parents: Get Your Way Every Time."

But those days are over, kid, because now that we made it through that 30 minutes (as hysterical crying became half-hearted crying that led to whimpers that turned into the deep, easy breaths of perfect sleep), now that we know we can survive, maybe there are other battles Matt and I can win, too. ;)

*How cute, huh? What a sweet widdle mama...such fretting over non-fret-worthy things. That was the same mama who wanted to bomb every public restroom prior to our entrance. You know, the coolest thing about mothering this third time around is that pretty much nothing is a big deal. Sweet Love wails sometimes when we put her down, but unfortunately for her, her biggest sissy taught me the value of just waiting.  

 Unless there's a chubby thigh stuck between the crib bars...but that hasn't happened here at all, no siree.