Way Back Wednesday

What's Way Back Wednesday? 

Originally posted on Mommy Diaries in June of 2009.  

The Few, the Proud, the Mommies

A few days ago we were at one of Aunt W's dance recitals, in which little girls ranging in age from 3-18 present various dance ensembles. These kids have spent hours practicing these numbers to absolute perfection. I've always loved watching these things because it is amazing how even young girls are so talented and brave to get on stage in front of hundreds of people and dance. I've probably been to 10 or 15 of these things here and there, easy. 

This last one, though, was special. It was special because Aunt W won a very prestigious dance company scholarship, and because it was at the Alabama Theater, and because Sassafras is now almost big as the youngest girls on stage. It was also special, though, because of this one little girl who was probably around 8 or 9, who had Down's Syndrome.

That little honeybun was in 2 or 3 dance numbers, and let me tell you, she was just dancing her heart out. Sure, she was a little off, and no, she didn't stay perfectly in sync like some of the other girls, but every once in a while she would tilt her head back and just giggle in pure joy at being on that stage in that costume and dancing. It was so very moving! I sat there watching her dance and twirl, knowing full well how difficult it can be for a child with her exceptionality to remember even simple sequences. It must have taken extra hard work and multiple practices a day for her to recall the steps and order of moves...but she did it! I was so overcome that I almost cried.  All I could think was, If I am this proud of you, I can't even imagine how proud your Mama is right now.

It was just about more than I could stand. 

The instant you become a mom, you get a lot of not so wonderful things to carry around the rest of your existence. You get the incessant guilt, the sleepless nights, the adventures in discipline, and the obvious trademarks of motherhood like being thrown up, pooped, and peed on.

My own little sugarbunches at her very first dance recital.

But you also get an incomprehensible amount of love, a ferocity of protection, and an extraordinary sense of pride of yes, especially your own children, but also other kiddos as well. It is beyond measure, and also beyond reason, but it is definitely one of the best experiences anyone could ever have.