RSS: Why & How

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Google's killing Reader today. If you haven't given RSS feeds a try, today is the day, child. 

The good news is an RSS feed service/blog reader will make your life so much easier. Everybody reads blogs or websites in some capacity, and the mix of each person's preferred blogs is as unique as their own fingerprints. Use one of these tools to categorize and manage your blogs so that you can control what content you read and how efficiently you read it! 

A few of my folders are World News, Mommy Diaries, EdTech, Library Land, Living in Christ, and Writing. You can create any category or folder of your choosing, and mix in whatever blogs or websites you like. It's insanely simplistic and will truly help tame the Huge Timesuck that we call the internet. 

Your cloud options, and I encourage you to give them a whirl, are: Feedly, Flipboard, Bloglovin', Newsblur, The Old Reader, Digg Reader, Newsvibe, Pulse, TinyTiny RSS, Netvibes, Skimr, FeedDemon, Curata, Reeder, BlogRoll, and on and on. 

Know why there are so many choices? Because this is seriously one of the most worthwhile tech tools available, folks. Whatever you do, just pick one!  

Your desktop choices (as in, limited to one machine) include Microsoft Outlook and Apple's Mail. Cloud is better, though, so refer back to that list above. 

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