For the love of all things good and tech-sensical...

Google announced a few months ago that it was ridding itself of the Google Reader blog subscription service. That's basically a tool you can use to {very} easily manage the blogs you read. Instead of having to remember all the little blogs and websites you enjoy, you could just paste the website into your Google Reader and even categorize them so that you could take (or leave, depending on your mood) exactly what you wanted to read each time you took a moment to peruse. It was beautifully simple and a time-saver prompting tears of gratitude. 

But The Google decided to kill all of that, and I've been pouting a little bit.  

 I bite my thumb at you, Google. 

I bite my thumb at you, Google. 

Since they made the big announcement, I have reluctantly explored other blog subscription tools. With my lip out and momentary pauses to shake my fists at the sky, of course. 

There are plenty of options, but exactly two I would recommend:

1) Feedly is my #1, top of the line favorite because it  SEAMLESSLY migrates all your data from Google Reader to its own database. Nobody has to resubscribe to their existing feeds, nor do they have to reorganize them (well, I mean, unless you want to). You can read your blogs through Feedly on your computer screen but it's also nicely accessible on mobile devices, which is a yummy little chocolate syrup topping that even Google Reader didn't offer. And, okay, it's prettier than Google Reader, too. Give it a go and you'll see what I mean.

2) Flipboard is another great alternative, and my appreciation of this one is that it is more of a curation tool than it is a dedicated blog feed. You can swirl in your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blog subscriptions into one pretty little package that reads like a magazine. Drawback, you can only access this on your phone or iPad...which may not be an issue for some people. Personally, I like options. 

Which is why I use BOTH of these services to manage my blog feeds. So far they have synchronized nicely (as in, when I read a post on my iPhone, it's also marked as read on my Google Reader, Flipboard, AND Feedly), but as until today they both derive their content from my Google Reader account, that forecast looks a bit glitchy.  

follow us in feedly

If you are a current Google Reader user, then honey you better choose a new bandwagon. Like, today. Sign in to one of these services and you'll automatically save yourself the trouble of having to start over again with all the blog feeds you want to manage. Unless you want to start over, of course, which is fine. Options, people. It's all about the options. 

And speaking of options, you can always subscribe via email as well. 

Questions? Click the button above and it will take you to a page where you can easily add A Southern Ruckus to your Feedly content. Hope you'll join me there! 

 *Note: I have three separate blog feeds on my site, so look for Feedly buttons on Knowing Books and In the Library today as well!