In the library

In terms of how long I've been in public education, I'm about a 7th grader...with most of those years spent in a school library. At the elementary level for many years and now in a middle school, being a school librarian is one of my life's great passions. 

I've blogged since 2005 about books I've read , and then in recent years started writing for a blogging co-op I initiated for colleagues in my district. While enjoyable, the missing piece in both has been the lack of a space to reflect on my practice of teaching and leading as a school librarian. 

My hesitance at starting yet another blog (the voices in my head scream There are thousands upon thousands of edubloggers out there...what could you possibly have to say that hasn't already been said?!) was trumped today with the realization that this is my journey. It may only be unique and valuable to me, and that's enough to warrant the process. 

The best ways to grow and learn in any profession are to a) reflect and b) connectExperiencing the process to become a National Board Certified Teacher taught me the power of reflection, and it is my aim to use this feed for continued growth and learning as a professional. I also am eager to connect with other school librarians and educational technology-minded teachers and specialists, beyond 140 characters

If you're one of those folks or even a person simply curious about life in my tiny corner of public education, I'd welcome your thoughts and opinions!