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All of the Above
Originally posted January 2010. 

We had our appointment with the local international travel clinic yesterday to take care of all the vaccines necessary for our trip to Africa. We spent a good hour with a physician who specializes in travel medicine, and walked away with volumes of information regarding a plan to stay healthy on this trip. We spoke mostly about our concerns for Sassafras, and given that the physician is also a pediatrician at the city's Children's Hospital, and friends with both Sass's pediatrician as well as the pediatrician at the International Adoption Clinic, we felt as though she was (we all were) in good hands.

As he went through the list of vaccines we would need (and then others that wemight need but he definitely recommended), we realized quickly that this was going to be quite a list. Many of them were boosters for myself and The Captain, as our immunity from childhood vaccines has waned. Sassafras was actually already more protected than we were because she has had her initial vaccines so recently. I'm not entirely sure, but it seemed like it would have taken him less time to tell us what we did NOT need rather than what we did. I'm pretty certain he could have checked "all of the above" and saved us all an hour! The shot count total was 7 for The Captain, 2 for Sass, and I will go back another day for my 7 (stomach virus with fever=no shots for Mommy). The prescription total was 3, including malaria prevention meds for all three of us, and antibiotics to get filled now and take with us in case of illness. I'm not even going to tell you what the bill was for all of these. Just pray Blue Cross sends a little more love to the Wilson family, and soon.

The truth is, we are traveling (for an extended and undetermined period of time) to a developing country. There are health risks and concerns. We knew that when we committed to this country. Thank the Lord for the availability of vaccines, and for our proximity to such a quality clinic who has the contemporary knowledge and ability to guide us through our time in Africa. The good news is that many of these vaccinations provide all 3 of us with lifetime immunity to some very serious diseases, and international travel will be much easier for us in the future.

*My oh my, the things we do for our children!