In the interest of full disclosure...

So it appears that the Federal Trade Commission has quite an opinion on bloggers properly disclosing sponsored posts, affiliate links, and the like. I don't and likely won't be writing sponsored posts, but what I do like to include (especially on the Knowing Books feed) are Amazon affiliate links.

My motivation for this is that, in my opinion, Amazon is pretty much the best place to purchase anything purchasable online. Diapers, books, birthday and Christmas gifts, home appliances, whatever. There are exceptions but Amazon almost always has the better price, and for me that's important. Additionally, as an Amazon Prime member, I can get anything I want from Amazon with free shipping and in only two days' time. Great prices, great shipping practices, and great customer service. In the past several years, I have been peeved only once at Amazon and they QUICKLY rectified the situation. So, since Amazon makes my life easier, I'd never hesitate to share that same opportunity with others. Including a clickable Amazon link makes it easier for people to retrieve for themselves the item (almost always a book) about which I'm writing. *I realize this may FEEL like an Amazon-sponsored post but the fact is I'm just a very happily satisfied customer doing what happily satisfied customers do, and that's to refer. 

When someone clicks my affiliate link, it takes them to Amazon but assigns my affiliate ID a sort of "click point." You don't have to purchase that item or any other item in order for your click to count. When you do purchase that item or any other item through my link on Amazon, my affiliate ID is awarded a (very) small percentage. Nobody's getting rich off Amazon affiliate links, but what I do like is that it's a very very small way to reward referrers. That's good business any way you slice it. 

Now I'm supposed to tell you what I'm planning to do with any funds I receive from affiliate links. On a good month, I may be able to buy a portion of a Roo refill. It's more likely, though, to channel those nickels back into my Amazon account...which these days I would be using to purchase primarily books and diapers. You know, the essentials.

In adherence to the FTC's guidelines on including clear and conspicuous disclaimers within my posts, I'll be linking back to this piece whenever an affiliate link is included.  

Questions or concerns or you just want to chat? Holler at me here.