Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted on our adoption blog February 2010.  

What's Way Back Wednesday? 

Big News!

We have waited a long time to be able to type the words: WE HAVE ACCEPTED A REFERRAL!!! :)

In case you aren't fluent in adoption lingo, that means we have been matched with a child and have committed to seeking permission from this country to become her parents. In the referral, the adoptive parents are presented with information and pictures about the child available for adoption. 

In order to guard the privacy of our daughter, and also to honor the wishes of both our agency and Pearl's birth country's government, we are not permitted to post specific information or pictures of her until after the process is complete. That is a little hard because we know that so many of you have prayed for her for a long time and are eager to see her sweet little self, too. We are so thankful for your prayers and support! We also understand and respect the importance of following the rules that are given to us, so hopefully it will only be a very brief time before we can complete the process in Africa. 

We can tell you that we are thrilled beyond words. To finally have a beautiful little face that accompanies our prayers has been wonderful! "Introducing" Sassafras to her new sister was a priceless moment, and we are so eager to see our girls together. We are dancing for joy over all the many prayers that the Lord has answered, very specific things we prayed for our new daughter over the past year!!! He is so faithful, and so worthy of our trust. 

Here's a wee bitty peek at what she looked like shortly before we got our referral. 

Here's a wee bitty peek at what she looked like shortly before we got our referral. 

Our travel time has not been set. There are still some issues between the U.S. Embassy and the country's High Court that have not yet been resolved. Please pray that they come to an agreement soon. We have a daughter over there!!!