Carry Me Home (Reading Plan)

Book Club Intro

What's the plan, Stan?

Welcome to the group! Several of us have purchased, ordered, checked out, or downloaded our copy of Carry Me Home, so that makes NOW a great time to share the nuts and bolts of how we'll run this party.   

First, raise your hand if you were wanting to kill me when you realized there are 700 pages in this book. Okay, yeah, sorry about that. Books are my business, so I sort of forget that some people do not like thick books (and they cannot lie). 

But, really, there aren't 700 pages that you have to read. There are actually only 569 pages in the actual book, and if you think about it that's pretty close to 500 and 500 isn't really so bad. Anybody feeling better so far? Mmkay, great.

September 15, 2013 will mark 50 years since the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, so let's make that very special and incredibly significant day of remembrance the one we cross the finish line together. 

Nuts and Bolts

Saturdays will be our posting days. Someone (myself or anyone who wants to) will provide a brief synopsis of the chapters for the week in 500 words or less. {Go on and ask Google or Word, by the way. They'll tell you 500 isn't much at all!} The rest of us will chime in with our own thoughts and reflections in the comments section throughout the week as our schedules permit, interacting with a spirit of love and respect of course. 

I'm so tickled at the number and variety of people who have chosen to join together to read about Birmingham's 1963. While I do want to make you all feel most welcome here, by no means will you be pressured to do anything that you don't choose. Write a post or don't, write several posts or not at all...matters not to me. I'm just glad you're here and that's a fact, Jack. 

Reading Plan

June 15: Preface and Introduction
June 22: Part I (Chapters 1-2)
June 29: Part I (Chapters 3-4)
July 6: Part II (Chapters 5-6)
July 13: Part II (Chapters 7-8)
July 20: Part II (Chapters 9-10)
July 27: Part III (Chapters 11-13)
August 3: Part III (Chapters 14-16)
August 10: Part III (Chapters 17-19)
August 17: Part III (Chapters 20-22)
August 24: Part III (Chapters 23-25)
August 31: Part III (Chapters 26-28)
September 7: Part III (Chapter 29-30)
September 15: Conclusion


Are you ready? I can't wait to hear your thoughts and reflections as we read this book together!  

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