One day...

My days won't be filled with such chaos.  

Mount Clothesmore will be leveled for good. 

My house will be clean at all times.  

We won't live in a perpetual state of exhaustion.

My floors won't be sticky.

It won't take considerable effort to converse about more than just the logistics of our week. 

Nobody will write on the walls.  

Homework folders won't make tears spring to my eyes.  

Not one person in this house will need something wiped.  

Those pictures I have set aside to frame will actually be finished and hung.  

Meal times won't invoke wails of rebellion.  

I won't have to hide in the bathroom to read Scripture. 

The merciless ironic monster of fatigue-induced insomnia will go away.  

Yes, One Day...all of that.  

But One Day, I know I'll miss them so much. One Day they'll be gone off to live their lives. One Day it will be so quiet here.

And One Day I'll reminisce about the sweet old days of little kid chaos.