Carry Me Home (Book Club Intro)

2013 marks 50 years since the tumultuous summer of 1963 in Birmingham. 50 years since Bull Connor ordered kids to be attacked by dogs and hosed by firemen. 50 years since four teenagers were killed in a church bombing. 50 years since the freedom ride and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

What really happened in the history of the Magic City to set the stage for the firestorm that was 1963? What information still remains to be uncovered about various connections between important individuals in the insanity that was 1963? 

We are a group of individuals who are gathering together ( would be lovely to have dinners and real face-to-face meeting but life is what it is)  to read and discuss this book from the lenses of our own perspectives in life. My hope is that as we read and discuss, we will welcome one another's viewpoints with love, truth, and grace, and that above all that we will grow in our understanding of our great city. 

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