Let's talk hair

Summer. Warm weather. The pool. Sundresses. Flip flops. The beach. Dinners on the patio. Watermelon running down cute little faces. Oh, Summer, how we love thee.

Except for what you do to my Pearly Pearl's hair...I pretty much hate your guts for that, Summer. The thing about summer and hair is that:

a) Pools=chlorine. Chlorine=convicted murderer of hair. 
b) Beach=sand. Sand has this power over little kids that convinces them their mission in life is to cake that junk all over themselves, and that includes grinding it into their gorgeous head of primped and pampered curls. 
c) a + b=frequent washings. Frequent washings=more hair death. 

And so, you can see why we have this love/hate relationship with El Summero (did I mention I minored in Spanish?).

So, apart from moisturizing your kiddo's locks like crazy, there are two simple tips I have to share regarding the summer conundrum. 

1. Protect their hair with a swim cap. Preferably beach-side AND pool-side, but if your sweet angel baby will only tolerate one of those, it's more important to protect the hair from chlorine than from sand.

2. If exposure to the chemicals/elements is inevitable, try soaking those beautiful curls with fresh water so that the hair shafts are so full of pure water that they can barely hold any of the junk.

And there you have it. That's all I've got to offer. Which means...SURELY some of you out there have better tips than this to share. Personally, I'd love some help with this. And quick, as you'll find us by the pool quite a bit this summer!