Kindergarten Graduation

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I was, like, 10,000 months pregnant with Sweet Love the day we walked Sassafras into her first day of kindergarten. It was her first day in big school, my first day in my new school, and we were all a little anxious about how it would all go down. There were red-eyed, sniffling parents up and down each hall, and everybody kept looking at big pregnant mama like they thought I would lose it any moment.

Hey, how about that turned out to be a piece of cake. I felt confident that she was in just the right place, and that (thanks to the incredible preschool she had attended the previous years) she was well prepared for her kindergarten experience. Right I was about that. From figuring out the whole cafeteria thing (she HATED the chaos in there at first) to filling up notebooks with sweet little journal responses, she just really rocked the whole thing. Getting through the school day may have been an adventure that Sassafras faced on her own, but we felt like our whole family went to kindergarten this year.

And of course you know exactly where I’m heading with this. My sweet Sassafras has graduated from kindergarten. Her first day may have been easy breezy, but the last day nearly did this mama in.

Her teacher told us that Sass was the kindest and most loving child she had ever had. {Verklempt} I mean, of course I think so, too…but Mrs. Very Sweet Teacher Lady’s opinion counts a whole lot more than mine, you know, since she has taught a lot of five year olds and has spent 6.5 hours with her every single day and oh yeah, isn’t her very biased mama. 

The first part was Field Day. The Captain handled that portion, thankfully, as Field Day is by far my least favorite school-related event ever. Oh, but Sass. She loved the tug of war (“Girls are stronger, Mama!” And they were.), the snow cone, the relay races, the team sports, on and on and on. Just loved it.

The program was that afternoon. The kiddos marched in wearing their cute little class shirts, following a slide show highlighting stellar kindergarten moments. Those cute little darlings did a cute little letter song, and then a cute little days of the week song with some motions, and then. Y’all, and then…

Those sweet little babies sang Oh, What a Wonderful World.

While doing sign language.

And when they got to the “I love you” part they all shouted it and pointed at their mamas. (Okay, families. Whatever.)

I mean, what the what what. Even the teachers were crying. My vision was so blurry for a few moments I accidentally took a few pics of someone else’s kid.

They ended on a fast-paced boogie beat and 99% of them casually moseyed out of the gym. Sassafras danced the whole way out and I’ll love her forever for being that kid. Back in the classroom, Mrs. Very Sweet Teacher Lady said a few kind words and gave out some special awards. You guys. My eldest received the Math Award. Yes. Yes she did. Oh, the irony.

Apart from her little fancy mathematician certificate, we received a big box of goodies, including adorable pieces of artwork from the year as well as a scrapbook with special moments, each page highlighting Sassafras in some way.  I don’t even KNOW how her teacher pulled that all off. Especially in the thick of May in a school.  Jewels in her crown, I tell ya.

Later that evening we had a small surprise partay for the kindergarten queen. Our sweet baker/artist friend created this masterpiece of a cake. Even after all the other Very Big Things that happened on this day, in the end it was the cake and party she loved the most.

Oh, the places you’ll go, indeed, my Sweet Sassafras.