Rockin' New Year's Eve with the Chitlins

There are two types of people in the world...those who go out on New Year's Eve and those who stay home. The Captain and I love a good par-tay like anybody else, but have just always always always been "stay at home on NYE" kind of people. There is not one small cell in our bodies that wants to be remotely near any of the big parties or group gatherings that throw down on the last day of the year. 

Having kiddos now who are getting old enough to "get" the whole ringing in the new year thing? That just makes it all the more fun! 

Family bingo for 4, please. (Printables courtesy of 30 Handmade Days blogstress...I found her stuff through Pinterest!)

The big girls made a list, and I sorted it into a timeline. I printed out a simple document, chopped it up, and put each activity inside one of these little paper bags. They'll get to open up each bag on the designated hour, starting at 3pm. We have a 9-hour countdown rolling at the Casa de Wilson! 

Here is our evening as scheduled:

3:00-Ride bikes
4:00-Play games
5:00-Jokes (They got joke books in their stockings, and I am pleased as punch to see that they love cracking themselves up with this mess. Pearl can't even read yet and she just laughs like her book is the funniest thing ever.)
6:00-Paint fingernails and toenails! We are a house full of girls. This is what we do. 

Photo booth props-check! (Printables courtesy of Snapfish. Weird stripes courtesy of my tired and thirsty printer. Replacement of legit wooden dowels with mama's hot-glued popsicle sticks courtesy of "I am NOT going to the store today." Crumbs in the background courtesy of life.)

8:00-Build a fire
10:00-Watch TV. Honestly (and I mean no disrespect here) but it will be interesting to see New Year's Rockin' Eve without Dick Clark. He had a wildly successful run, but the poor man probably should have passed the torch a good 3 years ago. They've announced a mostly decent lineup, but obviously we'll be ready to shut down the trash at any point. I was hoping to work in "read books" at some point anyway. 
11:00-Dance party (Help! What do we need on this playlist, people???)
12:00-Fizzy grape juice

At some point, we will work in NYE Bingo and this little activity to help them look back on 2013. I know they're just 6 and 4, but that is old enough to begin the discipline of reflection. Plus also, they are insanely funny little people and I cannot wait to see what they think up for this.

 That New Year's-themed end cap at Publix saw me coming with this stuff. 

That New Year's-themed end cap at Publix saw me coming with this stuff. 

Happy New Year, everybody!