2013: The Southern Ruckus Year in Retrospect

I mentioned that 2013 was a smidge of a struggle for me, but there were some rather remarkable moments for which I am so very thankful. There are 25, and you are more than welcome to skim, scan, or glaze over until you get to the bottom. 


1. A Southern Ruckus was born. 

2. That thing with Lucille and Rhonda happened. 

3. I sent my kid to kindergarten.  And then she graduated. 

4. iTalked about the iTexting (and not everybody liked it)

5. Working on "One on One" time with the chitlins.

6. I shared my thoughts on standardized testing and what that will mean for our children. 

7. There was that Attachment Series, an area which has impacted me as a mother more deeply than anything else. 

8. and then I saw what it was like on the flip side of adoption

9. I went to Created for Care, which led to the inaugural Unfailing Love Retreat for foster and adoptive mothers in the Birmingham, Alabama area. 

10. My Pearl asked for a picture. 

11. I started talking about hair. 

12. I survived May in a school. 

13. TIME: Best. Mother's. Day. Ever. 

14. Ethics in adoption became quite the hot topic this year-as well it should. Part of that attention is in thanks to a response to this book, which I reviewed in Parts 1, 2, and 3.

15. The bikini question also became a big hairy deal. This post prompted a surprising number of passive aggressive posts and unkind comments across other social media channels about everything from being judgmental to gender roles to double standards for children. I'm always up for a good debate, folks, and am so grateful that we are all at liberty to do as we see fit...but I'll be sticking to my guns on this one.  

16. Savannah

17. Sassafras busted NYC wide open

18. Helping tell this story of a Ugandan mother just wrecked me. 

19. A new school year started, but this time WITHOUT the tears

20. House for sale

21. We started our journey as foster parents. 

22. Mumford Concert + Sweet Love had a birthday + Unfailing Love Retreat!


24. I told you people about my Bridge Plan...which sparked three unique convos about faith and preparedness, and whether or not they go hand in hand. Fascinating stuff.

25. We made a grace-filled ruckus out of Advent.