The Mother of all Life Planners

More coming soon on this, but 2013 pretty much beat me like a rented mule. It hasn't been a terrible year by any stretch, just a hard one. And this mama has been kicked in the teeth.

2014 is going to have to be different, and one of the steps I'm taking to make it so is ordering one of these nifty little Erin Condren numbers I've read so much about the past few years. I'm as techy as a mama gets, but the sheer volume of my family's happenings is basically causing my trusty steed, Sir MS Outlook, to implode. My old system doesn't work anymore, so here we go with a new one.

I am (it's so cheesy it hurts to type) so stoked about this thing that I can barely stand it. The personalization tools are many, but I didn't get many of the extras. Family name on the front along with a fabulously beautiful design, color-coded stickers, and elastic bands I can use as dividers and/or wrap-arounds...that's all I feel like I need at this point. There were some truly fancy editions as well, and some tailored specifically for teachers, that I didn't even look at. Just dipping my finger in this printed planner pond, thankyouverramuch.

Anybody with me?

Here's a referral link if you're interested in checking it out: