Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted on Mommy Diaries in August of 2010

My people and our letters

The moment we chose Pearl's name, I instantly loved the fact that her initials would be MW. I'm MW. Matt's MW. Aw, how sweet! All these MW's in one family. Special. 

Only right in the middle of all those M's, there is one cutie patootie little blonde-headed J. And just as much as I loved the fact that Pearl's initials would match her Mommy's and Daddy's, I worried that would mean poor little Sass would feel left out as a J.

Crazy? Maybe. My consolation was the knowledge that Big Sister Sass is quite the individual, and she would likely enjoy being the only J in a family of M's. I mean, she's so young, it's not like she will notice right now, right?

Ahem. Let the underestimation of her intelligence stop right here. 

Tonight, Sass was chattering away as I was trying to gently guide her through our bedtime routine. Somewhere between "God, PWEEEZ bring Pearl home" and "God, pweez make Aunt Wynn all better" she started talking about names. We went through first names...Matt Daddy, Michelle Mommy, Sassafras, and Pearl. Then whole names...first, middle, last. Then she started asking me what letter everyone's names began with.

I knew the cat was about to be out of the bag.

Sassafras: What wedder does Daddy's name start wid? 

Me: His name starts with an M. 

Sass: What wedder does your name start wid?

Me: An M.

Sass: What wedder does Pearl start wid?

Me: An M. 

Sass: What wedder does Sass start wid?

Me: Your name starts with a J. 

Sassafras: We all match! We all have M's! But I not have a M. My name have a J. 

And she does a "cheers" bump with her fists. 

I did follow up with asking her what she thought about being the only J, and she said she liked her J. 

I like her J, too. :)

*Apparently it did bother her a smidge, because when the four of us became the five of us, she specifically requested another J in the family. And just like that, Sweet Love became Sass's J bud.