The big girls and I have been counting down the days to see Disney's newest kids' movie, Frozen. It has received better reviews than many of Disney's latest, so I knew this was going to be a really special movie for my sweet sisters to see together.

Brief synopsis: Norwegian (or some Baltic flavor) sisters Elsa and Ana are super close...until one nearly kills the other with her unwanted ability to create and control ice. Out of desire to protect her sister, Elsa begins to lead a drastically isolated life. The story is mostly about Ana's struggle to break through her sister's wall, and Elsa's desire to keep her sister safe. This focus on the bond of sisterhood, as well as the surprising twists and turns make Frozen an excellent choice for families to see this winter.

We had a mini Girls' Day to see it, but Sweet Sassafras was concerned about The Captain missing the show (he and Sweet Love had some adventures to tend to). Her proposed solution was to just video it on our phone to show him later. Oh, honey, I told her...that's called piracy and it's illegal.

Never thought my kid would be just 6 when I have her The Talk. You know, the one about copyright violation and respecting others' intellectual property. Poor librarian's kid!

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