Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted on the adoption blog in September 2010

You know you've been in Africa too long when... 

Matt, Toria, and I have worked on this list for about a week. :)

You KNOW you've been in Africa too long when...

  • You start running into people you know out in public.
  • You stop being shocked by all the weird stuff you see on the back of boda bodas.

  • You are actually watching a ridiculous TV show called "With Love from India" or something similar that is dubbed...slowly...in 2 languages at once. And the translator shouts every single line. And you are watching this because it is your best option. 
  • You begin to learn the plot lines of the above mentioned shows, and can explain them and their back stories to others. 
  • You know it's a special day when you have hot water.
  • You are craving g.nut sauce.
  • You are counting down the hours until the one time each week you actually get to eat red meat. 
  • You celebrate when the power only goes out for 2 hours instead of 5.
  • You are willing to consume the dairy products which, oddly enough, do not require refrigeration. You figure it's better just to not ask questions about this.
  • The natural color of the bottom your feet is black. (For southerners, you just thought "grocery store feet" were bad!) 
  • Your 3 year old laughs at jokes made in Lugandan. 
  • You start to wonder how you will ever take a shower with walls or a shower curtain ever again. 
  • You actually begin to enjoy washing your clothes by hand, and somehow convince yourself that the smell of line-dried clothing is wonderful. 
  • Despite a serious math deficiency, Michelle is finally learning how to convert shillings to American dollars.
  • The driving no longer scares you.
  • It stops bothering you that your kids aren't strapped into car seats. You are also no longer disturbed by them climbing around in the floorboards while weaving in and out of traffic. 
  • When you buy a 10 lb bag of rice...for the week. 
  • You are drinking a cup of Sanka and actually think it's pretty good.
  • You eat a whole pineapple a day.
  • Matt has considered writing a blog post. 

Day 28 and counting...