The Magic Blanket

The Captain recently presented me with this gorgeous new blanket, which we have since dubbed "The Magic Blanket."

It's ridiculously soft, my favorite colors (Vera Bradley's new Canterbury Cobalt pattern), just the right size, exactly the correct thickness, keeps you just warm enough without having to throw a leg out to breathe...well, so it's pretty much blanket perfection.

I'm not sure if it's because we're a house full of girls or what, but blankets are a Big Deal in the Casa de Wilson. My sweet precious angels have staked their claim on more than one blanket formerly known as mine, but for now the Magic Blanket is safely stowed away from the regular old blankets.

It's basically blanket royalty.

We call this one the Magic Blanket for its actual sleep-inducing powers. One does not merely "cover up" with the Magic Blanket. Oh no, you must respect the blanket. A few minutes under this soft goodness and you're off to dreamland...and I do mean the kind of sleep that leaves you unconvinced of what planet you're even on.

Now that, friends, is a mighty fine blanket.