Way Back Wednesday

Originally posted in Mommy Diaries in January of 2009

Oddities Anonymous

Hi, my name is Michelle.... (Hi, Michelle)

...and my kid eats her hair. 

Weird, right? She doesn't pull it out in anger, and she doesn't twist it out (which might indicate OCD or tics related to autism). Sometimes when she's bored, and mostly when we're riding in the car, she just grabs it by a strand (10 pieces, maybe) and rips it out. That's strange enough, but then she puts it in her mouth and chews on it. Yuck.

And you don't even want to know what this means digestively speaking...

She also criss crosses her two middle fingers on each hand, walks on her tip toes (sometimes), and pulls out her teddy bear's fur and rubs it on her face as she's drifting off to sleep. I know a lot of parents, and I haven't found any of them whose kids eat their hair, etc...or if they do, no one is admitting it!  

I do teach kids who have strange little quirks like these, and most every one of them is in special ed. When I told the pediatrician as much last month, he gave us the "that's natural" talk-with a few cautions to catch any progression of these little habits of hers. He assured us that she would soon outgrow these quirks, and could even possibly trade them off for a different set of unusual tendencies.

Really? What's next? Crossing her toes and chewing on her elbows?

I guess until Sassafras works through this, we've got ourselves a hairless, odd-fingered little girl with killer calf muscles and a bald teddy bear! And to be perfectly honest, what's so wrong with that anyway, right? When a kid is as happy and healthy and intelligent and gorgeous and pure sweet as Sassafras, she can afford herself a few oddities here and there!

And as a friend pointed out, I SO wouldn't want anyone judging me by my quirks! Would you?